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Reviews for "Barca Vs Bieber"


I don't know how good it is because my computer sucks so I'll just rate it good lol, I'm sure its a wonderful though


So Justin Bieber is supposed to be performing and somehow gets onto the field with a team. He's not a ninja and no security is making any effort to get him off the field, so clearly he must have been invited or something, but the goal is to attack him? What dicks the Barca team must be. It really just seems like you jumped on the "hate Justin Bieber" bandwagon, and that's getting stale. It would be a much better idea to focus on a solid plot or something in the future rather than banking on how much a celebrity is hated. Also, if you are going to build a game around a celebrity, you should at least make sure your version looks like the celebrity. XD

Marking you down for one reason only.

That stupid dancing stage, Iniesta or whatever his name is. I was having fun playing this until that stage came up. Why include it? The arrows don't appear in time or are often brought on at the same time as a visual distraction (which normally doesn't bother me, but when the arrow you have to press just blinks on in such a narrow margin and you have very little time to press), it makes it just impossible to clear this stage once you make two mistakes. Either slow down Bieber's arrows on this stage, speed up Iniesta or GET SOMETHING THAT WORKS.

You lost a whole five points of this review ENTIRELY because of that stage.

good looking but bad playing

Visuals and presentation are quite good. Though the game is way too difficultly timed to be enjoyable. Also weird situations make a lot attempts worthless. For example in Messi's stage you easily get pushed into a corner and get like 5 hits drawing 25 seconds at once. And if Bieber's tank is to close to the screen borders pointing outward then no rocket spawns and time is lost again. And when your tank gets destroyed you just get a time out-message which is irritating. I didn't clear that stage yet.
Another thing is that I cleared Iniesta's stage only by using a bug: When you start the stage change to a different window and when you hear the music is over come back, the ending of that stage will be shown...
Also the game needs a restart stage-button in stage screen for when you see you can't make it anymore to the goal. It gets annoying to restart by quitting the stage and reselecting it...

Nice graphics, fun idea; but...

Kept crashing Firefox after the time ran out on level 4.

fortunacus responds:

update with latest flash game please, its no bug on the game itself