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Reviews for "Barca Vs Bieber"

Well made but frustrating

The thing I did not like about this was that it was way harder than I thought it would be. On the second level, it seemed just too easy for Bieber to hit me with the soccerball! I had no idea that someone like him could even pose a threat to me! What I did appreciate was how good the graphics were. Everything seems to be in order and it runs pretty smoothly. You have to keep up with this game a lot more than you think you would.

The hardest part is when you get closer to him which is when he can aim a lot better. I do admit that it was a pretty original game. I heavily admire anyone who is able to advance very far in this game. An easy medal at the beginning is always a good idea. It was interesting to see some familiar faces working on this.

Love how the stages are different and the fin kill

Good work like the art too


Good game, one of the few games I actually found rather challenging at some points. After a few practice runs I managed to gold all of them except the Messi level, that just seems impossible, but I had fun with it and felt pretty good after getting all the other medals. All I can say is dodge everything and press the hell out of that space bar, nice job.


the game is good! but i dont know how i finished the game in the villa stage :S

Awesome but

Why spacebar. is there another way or button to use to make your character faster? Just annoying after a while to press the space rapidly.

But awesome game still.

fortunacus responds:

hehehee, this is a sport game, so make you must exercise sometimes