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Reviews for "Barca Vs Bieber"

it's ok

graphics were good, but it's stupid with having to smash the spacebar to actually go a reasonable speed. It's also kind of hard since you have to read the instructions while playing the game, and it's also just hard. I mean level 10 is pretty impossible, and the fact that the rockets don't follow you makes it worse because they end up hitting you when you're trying to stand next to a box, but they don't follow you so you can't pull them into a box.

I did not find this all that hard.

I made it to the end rather easily. I liked the variety here. The only thing that kind of annoyed me was having to tap the space bar repeatedly to gain speed. It was a bit numbing on the finger, but not too bad.


useless, and ridiculously hard game, terrible controls. metamorph was just ok, but this is plain bad. it seems like lot of time and effort was put into this but it's just annoying.

Bieber Fever? More like Bieber Headache

What exactly is the point of this game? It's glitchy, clunky and is more retarded than the Bieber in this game. He actually isn't retarded, he just has overpowered magic that allows him to summon an infinite amount of soccer balls that can barely be avoided with all the clusterfuck of cones and obstacles that obstruct your path to victory.

The player's movement speed is way too slow opposed to Bieber's kick speed. Recovery time after getting hit by a ball is way too slow. He does way too much damage with said soccer balls; he isn't Superman. Level design needs vast improvement. There are so many probles that I could discuss, but I don't believe I'll have enough characters remaining to do so. This game doesn't combine sports, action, puzzle and reactions in a funny way, but in a frustrating way. How did this even make it on the front page?

Oh well. I'll give you a two for effort.

fortunacus responds:

its well made tested and played, btw I have make revision, ball speed reduced, also do you read the instruction? tap space to add more speed, this is a sport game

thanks for the comment

Glitching out of its mind

Ok so level 4 i retried it, and, it took like 3 seconds, jumped me to the last level, opened the high score board and then ended the game i got like 3 medals and did nothing, and now it wont stop that pattern