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Reviews for "Barca Vs Bieber"

awesome game

bug bug bug


I really liked the game, great mini games and different gameplay everytime another character starts. But you shouldn't introduce justin bieber into my life, i mean, i really don't wanna know anything about that human being, i don't specifically hate him, nor like him. Just don't mention him

Great Game

1st things 1st, I always I had great fun making this with you, and now to review the game itself...

1stly, The Graphics were well smoothened and the animation worked very well with the game, There was no trouble at all with the graphics so great work to our Artist Olanov.

2ndly the Programming and Story, The story was pretty funny and original not to mention the "voices" that I did went with it well (sorry bout the self praise)

The programming was top notch as for a glitch? It's probably a browser problem because I found none and I tested the game several times before it's release.

All in All, great game, I just can't get over the fact we missed out on that award by 0.0012 :(

Great game!

I found no big bugs in it and found some parts to be rather difficult.
animation was nice and fluent.
Oh and one more thing, For all of you complaining about how fast you run in the game, tap space to run faster in any stage. Hope that helps all of you out with this game!

Not really a parody. Not really anything?

I thought this game might be a bit of a laugh but it wasn't particularly funny at all. I honestly can't tell if your a Barcelona fan or if your trying to parody both Barcelona and Bieber by having them kill each other. If it is a parody I'm all for it but if your making a game based on pop references such as killing Bieber and you want for some reason to place Barcelona on the other side then it would have been much more funny if Barcelona killed J. Bieber in Barcelona style rather then the cliche animations of JB dying that is everywhere on the net now. For example you should have the Barcelona players running up and diving in front of Bieber and the referee killing him for touching a barcelona player. Or perhaps barcelona bribing Uefa to kill bieber for them. If your going to parody Barcelona do it right instead of just having Messi die in a tank. Overall buggy game but i liked the animation.