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Reviews for "Barca Vs Bieber"

could have been really good

This games really challenging, but in that make you want to smash your own head in kind of way, which wouldn't be a problem if there was a retry button, cause soon as you lose like 15 seconds you know you can't do it and then you have to force yourself to lose just to try and do it over again, which makes this game kind of a waste of time, although i enjoyed seeing the justin bieber (who i don't know why he's got blond hair) become increasingly more haggered

Full of bugs

In any level you can find a bug, in the lvl when bieber has the car he allways drops the bobms out, when the race you CAN'T win, it never goes faster even if I break the space bar.

fortunacus responds:

I think its ads bug, ok i removed the ads on gameplay, let the staff approve my update


If in the third mission Bieber is the one with brain damage, why is MY character moving like a paraplegic ? Seriously. Bugs.

Really nice.

Nice game, but I give it a 9 cause it's hard.(I'm a sore loser that way)Anyway, remember, SERPENTINE PHYSICS APPLY.

ingenius but buged

it was a fun game, but after a while (in the car lvl especifically) it automatically switched to the race lvl inmediately sending me to the ending scene (looping between the 3 stages infinitely) making it unplayeable