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Reviews for "Barca Vs Bieber"

Terrible excuse for a game..

Are we honestly still making fun of Beiber? and are we comparing beibers' gayness to soccers? Not only is the overall ideal totally fail, all the games are pretty awful as well. Though I played through it all, the games where not only annoyingly too hard, but you didn't really know if you've lost and should give up until the end. There where so many bugs, however I could see why creating a game alone could bring along these kind of issues. To keep from totally bashing the game I would however say, unlike many others, I sort of enjoyed the little song during the rhythm mini-game.


im stuck running on the second level and bieber is over rated


I didn't care for the Beiber bashing. I must agree with TheFalzarBeast, the tank level is annoying as anything. The tank can just run you into a corner and then add 30 seconds on to your time, all from just trying to get around it. Fix the car and tank level's difficulty, and I think it'll be fine. Also, you should consider making the controls a little more obvious to the player.

race level!

the race level is way to hard


Before I comment on the game, I must say that your general tone is pretty unprofessional. I understand that you don't want a low score, but I think the point of writing these reviews is to point out the flaws and strengths of the flash. I kinda lost it when you asked for us to vote 5 if we liked the song (which I didn't), that was just...... ah, my vocabulary fails me now.

Anyway, back to the game. I said it was tasteless because I fail to see the humor in beating the crap out of Bieber anymore, it's way overdone by this point. I bet some people still find it hilarious, but the only reason I have to hate him is because people won't shut up about him.

As for the game, it was kinda bland. I was expecting a tutorial, so I started playing without realizing what the controls were. I guess that's excusable on my part though. But some of the stages were just awful. The stage where he is in a car kicked my rear multiple times, until I went back to the menu and saw that you could tap space to increase speed (and I personally think that space was a bad key to use, but that's just personal preference and will not cloud my judgement). The stage with the music leaves little room for error, and I found it infuriating when I literally ran out of time right when the music ended. Instead of the penalty system, there should be just a set number of penalties that if you reach that number, the level is instantly failed (I don't watch football/soccer, so I'm not so sure how the rules work).

And why do I still have to attack him at the end of the tank level? Isn't it enough that I blew up his tank? I was caught off guard by this and got hit, forcing me to repeat the stage. AGAIN. I eventually gave up on that stage, it was just too tedious and difficult to try and assemble the tank when I knew full-well that by the time I destroy his, I'd be out of time since I'm too slow to efficiently dodge his soccer balls and him trying to rum me over. The difficulty of this game needs to be addressed in my opinion. At this point, it's just average in quality and level design.