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Reviews for "Barca Vs Bieber"

Omg i love this game its amezing the first part its the funnyst LMAOOOOOOOOOO if there was 100 star rate i will rate 100 BEST GAME EVER!!!

the graphics are really nice as ice

the level of messi its insane! but this is a great game.


Funny and differant game

You cant always judge a book by its cover, The same situation can be said here, While the start is not that appealing, you compansate later with good depth and detail, so nice submission you have here. Alright this was actually a fun and differant game i had some fun with this a mix of soccor and bieber was a good idea, and interesting one, the graphics were pretty good and the music was notbad either, I like how the each level is differant some how, the controls are not smooth maybe thats how it should be but its ok, you should change the "MUSIC" for each level, as the one tune can get repettitive, The game gets fun and frustraiting but more fun, the controls stick sometimes though. The game gets better with each new level and i really found it to be fun. I think as another tip you should have some sort of hint on how to kill each bieber but it was a well rounded game. Dont Cut corners, Put out the time and energy to bring the best product to the portal. And i believe you have presented some great here today.

So this part is never easy, and what i mean by that is suggestiong some ideas, old and new, because you already have a great entry, but maybe you will use some of these options to improve on. Change the music for each new level, and such. you may want to look into the game controls as they tend to stick abit at times. You should also think about adding a hint feed before each round on how to kill that currentboss.