Reviews for "LegionForce"


please make action figures.....please


It does my heart good to find members of the Lock Legion who get recognition on Lock Day! You and the voice actors are truly credits to your people by making such high quality submissions. I guess I was expecting it to be a parody too much. You guys can make great stuff when you get serious material to work with as well. The really cool thing was how everyone had such a distinct voice. You rarely see that in Lock or Clock submissions.

This really had me eager to see what would happen next in the story. It was so cool how you portrayed the clock bodies so realistically! Any fan of comic book superheroes should love this, as I am one myself! I hope there is a sequel and TimeGirl comes out today. It's amazing how much emotion you can put in their faces.


Awesome animations, cool idea and amazing plot.
I love it!

Great premise but the animation

There was hardly any of it, it was mostly just camera pans and character cuts outs standing with their heads jiggling to talk, i can get past that though, the story seems pretty cool and the art style (basically just comic book but had nice shading and lighting) was fantastic. I really like how you brought newgrounds characters into the story, that's a ticket to the front page.


The animation was great, the voice acting was tastefully cliché and the story was nicely done. You really need to make more.