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Most crews on Newgrounds get type-casted into delivering said refuse but this is actually okay. It's a cartoon, with a plot, punchlines, tension, and some absurdity.

In "LL-Awards", Samegame Lock has produced a good chunk of flask material but is at odds with the Legion's recognition. Can Sunshine Lock assuage the wounded ego of one of his growing talents?

This is a good demonstration of a sit-com episode and not of a typical crew submission. It is small in size and to the point. It even features a workable running gag, a sort of non sequitur corresponding to a character's perceived involvement and actual inclination. It's a nice callback that served as mortar between all these little bricks, and is a handy example for other flash artists, including those who are leery of a crew's inconsistent portfolio.

Some of the music could have been changed so as not to risk copyright issues but it fit the mood in what I could call "flawless dissonance". Typical "Speakonia" voices dub the whole experience, although I have noticed several instances where the subtitles do not exactly follow what is heard. If subtitles are meant to help deaf people enjoy the Flash, then it better be accurate. I doubt they are intended to be a gag in themselves, judging by their presentation in the Flash. Profanity was pervasive, as if the comedy leaned upon it being like that. While the Flash has the timing and it can crack plenty of smiles and laughs, some might consider an excess of profanity as a writer's crutch and vote lower than they normally would.

Also, the pronunciation of "Samegame" was botched by the Speakonia. I think it's supposed to be pronounced as the two words Same and Game. If that were the case, typing the name with a hyphen between the words might help ("Same-Game"). Then again, I might be wrong in how it is properly pronounced.

In all, "LL--Awards" delivers some good comic mischief in a short run and demonstrates Flash's ability to generate a silly cartoon with just a few props, tweens, and rhythmic timing. There are plenty of flaws, but rough diamonds are worth more than rocks any day.


[Note - the use of the "F" word more than once, along with general pervasive language, demands a "Mature" or "R" rating for the cartoon. Nothing personal here, just adhering to MPAA guidelines. It might be a good idea to switch the "T" rating to the "M" just to better represent the content.]

CourgetteClock responds:

That is one substantial review right there.

Thanks for the feedback bro.


This Is one awesome LL Movie. great job

CourgetteClock responds:

Thanks dude! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


it's funny because that's exactly what happened

CourgetteClock responds:

I wrote it while it occured, it's just been on the drawing boards for this long.

Happy Lockday!


Holy fuck that was great.

CourgetteClock responds:

Thanks a lot, happy Lockday.


A cheese award, how can I get me one of those? It's really funny especially peach.