Reviews for "Hacker vs Hacker"


very enjoyable everyone should try this keeps you busy the whole time

Cool,triple Hack

I had to Hack my computer to hack the game and hack what's inside the game so I could finish hacking the malware >:( *Hack*(you know the coughing-up-blood sound)
Yeah,Sweet Hacking guys...oh and BTW guys,I tried this to a friend of mine (the virus stuff) LOL His computer crashed LOLOLOLOL,and I suggest (once you have it) you spam the enemy with the virus you think is best,worked well for me,I used Lehigh,the ninja virus LOL anyway Happy Hacking :3

Fun and challenging

It's an awesome and addicting game that really makes you think about the best possible way to counter your opponent. The best thing about the game is that there are multiple ways that lead you to victory, so people who think it's too hard should try different tactics until they find one that works. I also like the fact that you can adjust the speed of the game, so you can make the game faster when you're waiting for some more cash, and slow it down when you have to build a defence. Great job on making a very creative game, and I'm looking forward to your future stuff!

Nice Idea

I really liked the split design as you built your defences and then attacked but on different playing fields, although I would prefer it if there was only two types of towers (like ground and flying) because then I could work my defences better. But that's just me.

The game was fun and its the type i been looking for.