Reviews for "Hacker vs Hacker"


Thi game kept me pleasently entertained for long time, it has a lot of variety in towers and malwares and upgrades to form uncountable strategies.

The graphics are simple and yet they give that "geek" nostalgia, mainly because it contains real information about the malwares and components.

This is just the second tower defense game (after Bloons Tower Defense Series) that kept me so exited and entertained for long time, I would absolutely support you if you plan to make prequel.

If you get to implemente a PvP mode in the future it would just be amazing!



This game is really adictive, and a great tower defense game. It seems a little too hard to get your viruses over to your enemy's computer tho'.
But over all, great work. :)


It's a tower defense game. This time in computer flavor. Does absolutely nothing that thousands of games before it haven't done. Enough with TD games, eh? I know people are suckers and will keep playing them, but let's see a bit more originality in flash gaming, eh?

Great Game, loved it.

Yeah I loed the challenge, and the medals.
I love the theme of this tower defence game, and i'm glad you update it. Thanks for making a wonderful game that I enjoyed for countless hours.

Good game

This game is pretty good, and not easy. I was enjoying the game most of the time, but the only sad thing was at the end. When beating the last level, the first time the game just ended the level normally without any end of story message, and there was no gold medal on level 17 in the level select menu (despite gaining the gold one). So I tried the level a second time, and this time when winning it, it did give some story at the end, but then suddenly Flash started consuming 100% CPU and I couldn't press any buttons anymore.

So, enjoyable the whole game through, unfortunately glitched at the very end...