Reviews for "Hacker vs Hacker"


In a tower defense game, the "look & feel" ia nothing but decoration. Yours is ok - I love the general theme and retro graphics, I don't like the repetitive music.
However, what REALLY counts in such games is balance. And "Hacker vs. Hakcer" handles that just fine.
Good Game!

Its like a nerdy version of Plants Vs Zombies

It was ok, i wish you could play different music tho


it was funny... until i lost my file xD


Got a gold trophy on the first 16 levels, without any failures. I've tried dozens of times on the last level, I can't even come close to even passing...

Great Game

This was a very refreshing strategy game; refreshing in that it's different than many others and it can take up quite a lot of time trying for that last gold trophy. The only main problem is that it gets a little repetitive after a while, but that is offset a few times by the special missions.

I found two strategies most useful for this game: the first, while protecting yourself, research only one of each type of malware; one virus, one worm and one trojan. Spam all three into one lane; the enemy isn't smart enough to balance all three types of turrets. Do this once to remove the emergency line overload, then again to win. Don't forget to have just enough defense to stall an attack.

Two, a 'zerg rush' of sorts. At the very start, research the Elk Cloner and spam them in all lanes. This rarely results in a victory, but it makes a more orthodox strategy work much easier, because it is likely that the opponent will have many of his lanes without the emergency overload.