Reviews for "Hacker vs Hacker"

I wish I were the best hacker

Its nice to see those virus represented like small characters in the screen (instead of causing troubles in my system) and for once being in your side. This game does have tactic aspects in the way in that you can become a defensive hacker, an aggressive hacker or a mix.

I think that this concept have still a lot to give, I will sum to those that suggest a sequel, extending the point system and adding some more features, improving the graphics, adding gadgets (I would like a Mobil computer, a smart phone or an mp3).

Ho and another very important thing, this game is suitable for online multiplayer because it doesnt need instant reaction times like fpss or platforms then the lag that can be caused by slow internet lines is not important (I thing that this was the original idea).


its a bit hard to concentrate on both attacking and defending
(but thats my problem)


Very enjoyable game. Only problems I have is the saving feature as someone else mentioned below me, and also it seems the AI is always one step ahead and cheats a bit.

Immediately after I set a piece down, it changes its turrets to correspond with that piece. That's like 10 turrets its continually changing. Yet it only has 1 or 2 banks to keep the cash flow going. Just seems a bit... awkward.

Other than that its good.


This has happened twice now.... I beat a level then close the browser, then the next time I go to play, it's as though I didn't beat it and I have to play it again. What gives? It's pissing me off.


I'm sure! This game is awesome!