Reviews for "Hacker vs Hacker"


this game is great lmao its soo good i got to the point where there was a stalemate between me and cpu ad after that the game froze >.< this game is great man thats y i give it a 10

Don't appreciate cheap tricks force registration

The game is good enough, a good variation on the tower defense/ linear rts themes. But what I don't appreciate is forcing us to register on the site in order to save our game. It's not a huge deal, but it's certainly irritating.

The game is challenging!

I give you 10/10 for 2 reasons.
1- Its really hard to look and concentrate on both defending and attacking side.
2-The game itself its epic,quite challenging and I just love how its based on tower defense.


dont listen to thoose other guys (the guys hwo dont like this game)

this game is awesome


The music is annoying and it's a bad rip-off of plants vs zombies. Somewhat fun, but not really.