Reviews for "Salad Fingers Episode 9"

always amazing

i think salad fingers universe is closer to reality than any regular storytelling

i get that feeling every day, that everythings weird and awkward, so even while exaggerated i think your creation describes our world perfectly

also animationwise you are the god

another masterpiece



anyone else noticed the front of the furnace after he taps out the Morse code

i can't believe it!

you don't know how happy i am to see that your still around and making this series :D. i've loved salad fingers since it came out. usualy i like to critiuqe when i write a review but of course i don't have to point out any flaws here since the animation is probably exactly the way you and everyone else wants it. I hope it doesnt take 3 more years to make another because now i just want to see more. I also was wondering about the status of burnt face man and if you were ever planning on continueing it. another thing that i'd love to see


this is salad fingers at his greatest!!!! please make MORE!!!!

Out of all of the episodes this one best shows the history of salad fingers the psychotic mutated survivor of the great war. But hes not dead so start making more!!!