Reviews for "Salad Fingers Episode 9"

Heads.....shoudlers..knees..and toes

After 3 years how can I give this any less then a 10?

Its good to see you're still working on these.

Despite your break from Burnt Face Man and Salad Fingers (I know Burnt Face Man is done now, not to worry) I really can say its still as great as it once was.

I didnt try to over analyse or read the signals of this installment, I just enjoyed it.

Thank you and please continue.


First of all, anyone that says they don't "understand what's going on" is retarded. What is there to understand? He's a murky, subversive, disturbing character with little to no connection to the real world. There is no overarching storyline, it's more like you're slowly developing the characters weirdness, which is not easy to do and the way you do it is pretty amazing!

When he excreted that thing from his stomach I was like, woah, I would have never expected that, if anything you keep people coming back with new strange ideas.

Ignore people saying this isn't as good as the old ones, it is just as good, and what's nice is that it's really long, more like two episodes together... congrats on another amazing flash.

The Face... The Face...

Make the face go away!

Glad to see another episode

I was just thinking about your Salad Finger series the other day and was a bit under the weather when I saw you hadn't posted anything since, what? Years ago? Glad to see this series is still in progress. There's not too much that can get under my skin but this just makes my skin crawl! I love how morbidly naive Salad Fingers is! XD

ps. I can't believe in the end it was a sandwich! Hahaha. Nice twist.