Reviews for "Salad Fingers Episode 9"


what the heck popped out of his stomach??? O_o 10/10 anyway the animation has really inproved and the sf series never stops creeping me out

I guess he ate too much floor sugar?

Glad to see you back from the ghastly trenches, Dave. Great work on this episode - your style improves significantly with each one. Still eerie and haunting as any of the previous episodes, though the "Nettles" episode still creeps me out the most.

I hope to see a new installation in the near future, but I can understand the amount of work that goes into these. Keep it up! :D

So scary. I get scared watching these?

The worst part was, when he was in the room with the big furnace thing, there was a screaming face in the furnace! :S

the pump

Did anyone else notice when he was using the pump it was lowly saying help me salad finger never disappoints


Really good episode
Creeped me out a bit which is what I expect from an SF video