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Reviews for "The root of evil"

all MY school projects sucked

awesome job guys, it was really fun. when i look at this game, i think all my school projects sucked. the best thing we ever did was a music week where we could do a one week band for school, but THIS is just awesome. great job guys ;-)

jaglitegrann responds:

thanks :D but I actually worked alone :) some of my friends come up whit some ideas and one friend helped me whit the old mans voice acting ^^ and i also got the music from a guy who produce free music :) but else i made all myself :)

It sure was a fun school project, and the best of it was that i was able to work at home :) everyone chose what they wanted to do and I chose to do a flash game :)

thanks again, really fun that you liked it :)

just for the graphics

oh, please do more games. it needs some polish but you get a 10 just for the graphics. and feel. Quite amazing.
Nice job.

jaglitegrann responds:

thanks :D really fun that you come to like it :) I definitive going to make more games. Me and my friend are planning to make some games together in the summer :) and then we are going to be much more detailed work then i did and really watch over bugs and so. And that wont be a school project and that gives us all time in the world :)

It's just like limbo

but it's not that good. Still, for a flash game it's really impressing.... good job

jaglitegrann responds:

yeah i was pretty inspired of limbo :) but i tried to not make it to much like it. but i think i fail pretty much in that way ^^ i try to not look at limbo anything and i have actually not even played Limbo yet because i did not want to get my ideas from it. but playing the demo was probably enough :) I really tried to make up whit my own ideas. :) for example i thought my idea whit the ropes where only in my game. then a friend tell me limbo had that to. i was like FUUUUUU! xD

What the hell?

Ok,This game is good...
But Wtf?
You took the ball,and then why the hell do you need to follow squirrel?
(and i was going left after taking teh ball,but... it was Infinite...)

jaglitegrann responds:

haha yeah, you got lost in the woods ^^ the infinite walk was trying to represent the fact you being lost :) and squirrels are cute :D

fun that you thougt it was good even do you dident like following the squirrel :)

Ok so.

i really like the game and want to continue playing but i have no idea how to pass the part where u learn how to drag the log. ive tried multiple times to jump from the log to the rope and it wont work....what. am. i. doing. wrong!!!!

jaglitegrann responds:

i guess you cant reach the rope because you drop the rope whit the same button as you jump whit, and if you hold the jump button down when trying to reach it you automatically drop, not sure if that's your problem but it could be :)