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Reviews for "The root of evil"

a game not worthy of the good reviews

Ok art wise the game is beautiful and well animated. Yet it is at times impossible to see the your player or the zombies. Which can make things like lining up to do a hard jump more guess work and luck then skill and trying to hit the zombies you end up having to wait longer to hit them. I also was frustrated when I got to the later parts of the game the level became more trail and error then skill. Like you be walking along and out know where there comes spikes to kill you or you get caught in a net you could not see. This then makes the game more about memorizing then skill and overly frustrating. Also the ropes in the game are near impossible to grab and the whole game I was squinting trying to see the action on the screen and I am sitting here playing with the lights off.
Over all the art and animation is beautiful the over all experience was too frustrating for me to want to play the whole game because of the trail and error game play and the hard and at times impossible to see graphics.

jaglitegrann responds:

fun that you liked that art and animations in the game :) and yeah the game-play could been better :) specially the traps, i did not got so much good ideas for those ^^ so I agree they could be frustrating. and also the really dark parts. was really hard to make it visible and clear on some spots whiteout making it look really ugly because i did use bitmaps graphics :)

the ropes got and issue that i did not really think about at first. Because i did't play the way that i seen that many others do. it happens for those who hold down the jump key even after a jump. and then you cant grab the rope because you let go of the rope whit the same buttons as you jump whit.
so i should probably done so that you cant jump of the rope until you released the jump key and then press the jump key again :)

to bad you did't manage to play the whole game :) i hope my other games that i probably going to do is going to be better and fit you more nicely :)


First, absolutely beautifully made game. I wasn't sure what to expect given the authors comments I was really pleasantly surprised. I think the story came across fine, and I didn't really think the game needed to be any longer (though I would have enjoyed the extended play it if it was). I do have a few comments/things I noticed though:

1. The control layout was not so hot. I got used to it but it definitely could have been better. Try switching to a small grouping of keys (asd, cxv, etc.)

2. Before collecting the ball I accidentally pressed throw and became unable to move. I restarted and didn't have the problem again (though I was able to reproduce it.

3. After collecting ball, but before realizing I can't go home I again accidentally pressed throw, became unable to move same situation as number 2 basically.

4. Some people need/want to play muted, this can be a problem given there is instruction in the vocal aspect of the game. Also some of the conversations are not super clear. Consider adding subtitles, it would fix both of these problems.

5. After introduction to 'Mushroom' trampolines I missed third trampoline, guy went into climbing position and was stuck. I restarted and made it past, but again was able to replicate the error.

6. In the level before the last if you overshoot the trampoline thing there is no way to get back save suicide. You may want to consider a way to get back, even if it isn't a way up. Because the first part of the level is a bit time consuming.

7. The end screen just blanks, Try setting it to return to the title.

8. Considering the number of times I had to reset because of bugs or getting stuck, and especially if you intend on expanding the game you may want to think about adding either a restart level button or a button to return you to the menu. As things stand I had to restart the game (close the window and restart, not start over from the beginning) each time to get back to being able to functionally use level. Yes, I liked the game enough to do that six or seven times.

Ultimately, this is well worth playing, has a wonderful atmosphere and story, and the graphics are very nice and fitting for the game. The game could use some minor tweaking, but I am certainly not complaining, I look forward to seeing more from you. Keep up the great work. 5/5 10/10

jaglitegrann responds:

really fun you liked my game :D this is the first time a publishing one of my games and maybe i need to do better authors comments :) its really fun that you have put down this much work to comment my game and review it :) and also really fun you liked the story i was pretty concern about it :)

1. Yeah many of my friends also complained about it :) maybe it just me that is a little bit weird and like those controls ^^

2. yeah i thought i fixed that bug, but i probably didn't. maybe forgot to save or something because i thought i tested it but anyways it's just a boolean that is set to true that should have been false so not very hard to fix :) I got a pretty stressed deadline to my project so thing was getting a little bit sloppy. thats why there is many bugs to :)

3. yeah pretty much the same as number 2 ^^

4. yeah i wanted to make the option to mute the game but i'm not so good at sounds in flash. thats probably something i should be working on :) and as usual, if i had the time a probably should have try to make a mute button. and also thought about subtitles but time make it hard there to :) i want some free time :D

5. hmm that one is new to me i think. Do not really know why that happens, probably some hitTests that goes wrong in some way :)

6. yeah did not really thought that of that. it sure had been nice whit a way back there :)

7. yeah thats pretty weird, I thought it would go there automatically because the game was going to loop but i was probably wrong. should just had put an gotoAndStop there :)

8. yeah a restart button had been great in that way :) but i did not really wanted to destroy the atmosphere of the game whit a button, but maybe that had been the best way :)

again really good comments by you, its really fun to get this much feedback :)

you probably going to see more from me because i have just discover how fun there is to upload things to newground when you get so much good response by peoples. and not just comments that says "this is lame or somthing like that" ^^

wow my respone got pretty big to :D

just for the graphics

oh, please do more games. it needs some polish but you get a 10 just for the graphics. and feel. Quite amazing.
Nice job.

jaglitegrann responds:

thanks :D really fun that you come to like it :) I definitive going to make more games. Me and my friend are planning to make some games together in the summer :) and then we are going to be much more detailed work then i did and really watch over bugs and so. And that wont be a school project and that gives us all time in the world :)

Could use a little work...

Graphics/ Animation: 6/10 - Pretty good in the Graphics/Animation department. The only problem here is that the light fog will hide the character, especially close to the end when you need to jump on the platform with the spring mushroom.

Music/ Voiceover: 5/10 - Gonna be honest with you, hearing the same chime over and over again really gets on ones nerves. Don't get me wrong, the music was pretty good, but a little more variety would be nice. The voice overs were really well done.

Controls: 8/10 - The only problem here was that I had to hit the Space key three times in order to grab a rope. i don't know how it works with anyone else, but that was one problem I had.

Overall: 7/10 - Liked the game. It was a fun platform game that any fan would enjoy. The main problem is that the song in the background becomes repetitive, and you might be tempted to rip out your roommate's/ friend's brains out.

jaglitegrann responds:

yeah i know there was problem whit the fog and the darkness, i just not got the time to cover that stuff up because of my deadline :)

good advice whit the song :) should probably think about that to next time :) and really fun you liked the voice overs. I was very skeptic to them because of my bad English and microphone :)

dident really know what you mean by the controls and the rope. but i know there were a problem catch the rope because you jump in to it whit s key and also drop from the rope whit the s key. So if you holding the S key down when you jump and then catch the rope you instantly getting of it. this was something i would had fix to if there was time in my deadline :)

really fun that you liked my game :) and i hope i dosent get sued when you rip out your roommate's brain ^^

Root of evil, good title!

I like the game, I can clearly see you have been inspired by Coma.
One thing, it's probely just me but I can seem to trick those rope's in the air...
Nice piece of work here;)

jaglitegrann responds:

do not quite understand what you meant by the ropes:) but funny that you liked it, thanks so much :D