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Reviews for "The root of evil"

i love it so far but im stuck ^^;

i love games like this but i cant seem to get past the trampoline mushroom things and spikes that pop up ;a;

jaglitegrann responds:

well don't know what to say, just keep on trying :) thanks for liking it :)

Nothing too new or interesting.

Sorry, I would have given the game a higher rating, but It's just much too similar to Coma, even if the storyline IS different. It just doesn't feel like I'm playing a different game. Really good job on the graphics and all, just next time, try to be a little more original.

jaglitegrann responds:

I can't really se how you think it's that much similar to coma, in coma you can't die and there is nothing you trie to avoid an so, there are also no enemies in coma, I think the gameplay is very different.. If you would say that my game where very much similar to Limbo I would understand because it really is :)

a damn bug

when you're chasing the squirrel if you push c the game freezes

jaglitegrann responds:

Yeah i know scout that, it's an bug I thought that I fixed but probably forget something :) I think it's just an Boolean that I forgot to set to false :)

ok game

You should reverse shift.
I mean:
same arrow=run

jaglitegrann responds:

that should probably be good :) i guess you as me, also using run more then walk ^^

Very well done

A few bugs that should be fixed, but otherwise a solid game. I managed to beat it (and I found the ending to be quite creepy, but fitting for the story, and also a solid explanation for everything).

To Ken: You follow the squirrel because it took the ball. Also, you're playing a kid, of course he's gonna go after the squirrel to get his ball back. You can't go home because your character gets lost in the woods. Or its possible that something about the woods prevents you from leaving. Either way, your character is a stupid kid who wants his ball back.

jaglitegrann responds:

Yeah the bugs are bad :) I did not got the time to fix it because the lack of time to my projects deadline. i could have fix it afterwards but after working really much on it for really long did not make me so motivated to fix them right away. maybe i be fixing them in the future ^^

Yeah it maybe is a bit creepy xD but god you thought it worked :D

if i had more time, i was thinking of one more scene after the end where you get back to the house and depending on if you had picked up you ball it would have end diffidently when you talk to your friend. (he get mad or glad) and also my end level would have to involve the ball in some way to make the option to pick it up or not :)

and like your explanation of why you following the squirrel ;D