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Reviews for "The root of evil"

Great game!

A couple of annoying glitches i found were:
- The level where you chase the squirrel the game freezes if you press c
- The level before you reach the old man's house at the beginning theres an invisible spike (not sure if it's a glitch but really annoying to remember when you die near the end)
- The level after you reach the old man's house where you learn how to move things, if you push the log to the end, die, and continue to push it when you arrive again, I somehow managed to get it slanted upwards and couldnt continue so I had to exit to menu then retry
- Same level as above, if you go to the other side of the log when it's at the end you can move it a little more to hopefully reach the rope, but sometimes it will glitch here and have the kid floating in the air grabbing nothing and continuing to
move the same way until he hits something
And thats as far as I got so far because I can't seem to reach that damn rope :| Besides that it's a pretty great game but slightly ruined by the glitches it contains :D

jaglitegrann responds:

yeah i noticed the most of the things, but why you cant reach the rope is probably cause the jump button is pressed down when trying to catch the rope, it does so that you fall of directly, because you use the same button to jump as to leave rope. that's probably something i should have think'd about and make that impossible to happen :)


Sorry, this isn't "Inspired" by LIMBO at all, this is a complete rip-off. LIMBO is one of my favorite games of all time, and to copy something so original and call it your own is just shameful.

jaglitegrann responds:

I did not call it my own, and i did give Limbo cred. And it was just a school project so dont take it to serious :)

good game but...

the game is really Good for being made for flash. good ambient, and sounds really make it good when come to make unsafe the player. and death scenes for the kid are really good to make the player take care more of himself.

1) music get bit repetitive good from the start but make you feel a bit sleepy hear the same music over and over again

2) yes Noir games are good but you should consider about not set traps were are hard to see, well yeah traps are like that, but in games theyre at least some "noticeable" if the player are aware of their surrounding. because "instant death" traps can make player a bit frustrated and quit the game.

3) the run / walk thing can be a bit annoying. specially players with keyboard that just pressing more than 3 keys, keyboard dont respond and then you cant do some actions. specially players that dont like to feel a bit "slow" and use everytime Shift to run, give at least the option about toggle run / walk with shift instead pressing shift to run.

4) i dont know if this was a bug or its part of the game but after i died and was reading some things when i come back to restart where the part i died. the game itself dont make scrolling where i respawn luckely a spike kill me and scroll was fixed but now a church was where wasnt before.

and for last

5) this kind of game in noir make a good ambient as i said. but at least try to not hide the path that player need to take to go foward. when i was exiting the church and see there was 2 ropes and 1 trampoline i was trying to find the way where i can reach the ropes until i try to jump inside the church was the rope i need. i said this because not all the players are good trying to find paths and they at the end give up. if there must be a hidden path then there must be a reward on it. thats why its a hidden path. but paths that player need to follow to advace trought the level not. unless there is a puzzle on it.

otherwise game is really good. Keep up with the good work

jaglitegrann responds:

1: yeah one more guy comment about that and i will definitely keep that in mind to next time :)

2: hehe yeah people comment about that to, the problem when making levels is that the creator does now where they are and don't realize when it is to hard, i should
probably let someone test them for me first :)

3: it never bugged me but i will keep that in mind :)

4: that was probably a bug ^^ dont think i test to do that :)

5: that's a good advise :)

not bad but

the controls needs some work.

jaglitegrann responds:

yeah i heard that alot now ^^ it seems i am the only one who likes them :)

a million little things

get a load bar that works and doesn't keep filling up and emptying, otherwise whats the point in having it? load time was fucking eternal. there is little difference between the voices at the start. that squirrel is fucking huge! who would chase that? it could probably maul you with ease . how do you get lost running in a straight line? and surely travelling futhur into the creepy woods is counterprouductive to getting out of the woods? why couldn't space be jump? s for jump isn't really very standard now is it? you shouldn't be able to detach from ropes by holding down, you should reach a point and then have to press jump to dismount, instead of being able to slide right into spikes. ball should be able to set off traps rather then having to jump over them. voices need to be louder compared to background noise and music. I like how the guy with the gun shot first then said "who is it?" and what good are his traps if they don't catch zombies only you? how can a kid drag a massive wood platform with a trampoline on top? why do the trampolines sound like bubbles bursting? once you drag stuff it is dragged to that position every time you die and retry, does that mean your being reborn or a new kid is coming in each time you die? no menu or pause button. That jump where you first see a log to push and pull? I did it once then couldn't do it again for some reason I kept falling through the damn rope. For some reason if you climb too far up that rope then it seems to hate you and count itself as "used" so you can never use it again unless you refresh the bloody game which takes ages. if you stop holding run mid-air you slow down and drop like a stone. while chasing the squirrel pressing c breaks the game, if you go to main menu then continue the sound turns off . why can zombies walk through anything? including solid objects? when your falling its sometimes nearly impossible to see where you are, you just suddenly dissappear and then next thing you know a zombie is eating you. pushing stuff is weird, sometime you teleport to standing on top of what your pushing, one time when I ran back the way I had come after entering a level your game broke my flash player. I liked your music loop to begin with but it began to really fucking grate on my nerves after all your bugs had kept me in the game for so bloody long, climbing in places seems to be random, you can press yourself against the wall and start the animation but you just spasm against the wall and never move. And at the end the rope would break not the tree.

OK that's everything I hate, now here's what I like. The graphics are good. The End.

jaglitegrann responds:

well the loadbar was suppose to work, id did when i first tried it but many things changed after that so i probably did not realize that :)
yeah i had a really hard time making the voice, its hard to sound the same different days i think :)
well i thought it needed to be big so you could see what it was but i could be wrong :)
well i think it would be hard to make him turn in 3d space so that's why i did not do that, and i do think you could manage to get lost even if you do run in a straight line. it could be hard to really go straight back afterwards.
i did not really see another way to do it :)
because i did not like it that way, but i guess i should make'd it that way anyway cause it seems the most people don't like my controls :)
That's a good tips, but i would probably do so you can dismount if the rope is close the ground :)
very nice idea :)
haha yeah maybe seems weird ^^ guess he got scared at first ^^
did not have the time to make it that way :)
good oiled wheels :D
because i had a really hard time making a good sound for it, an my friend really liked that sound somehow :)
hmm not sure if it is that way everywhere, could be something i done wrong :)
did not got the feeling to do one :)
its because you drop the rope whit the same button as you jump whit and are therefor not able to catch it, and that's something i should done something about :)
don't really understand what you mean there, guess it never happening to me.
that dose not bug me but i guess it does to some people :)
yeah i know about that, i forget to set a boolean to false :)
i think i seen that before the forgetting about it :P
do not understand that one sorry :)
yeah there are many part where its hard to see, and i should probably done in an other way :)
yeah that code was not the best :)
one guy also comment about that and it's a good idea to change the music more.
thats new to me :)
haha, well lets say they where super hard ;)

thanks for liking the graphics anyway, and that's probably about the only thing i like to, except for some minor things :)