Reviews for "The I of It"

Creative and Original

WOW!! With just 4 keys you created one of the best games i've played in a looong time!

You could create a part 2 - the story of t. Then it'd be a nice combination! :D


ferpect in vevry wahay

whileworking responds:

faanks a loot dood :P


The perfect combination of inventive out of the box gameplay and dry Britishesque humor. I was concerned at first with how limited the choices could be for a game with only two control options, but like 'Katamari Damacy' and 'Shadow of Colossus' my expectations were pleasantly shattered by a unique mix of imagination and deadly smarts. Very cool, and deserving of high praise.

whileworking responds:

Wow, that is a comment we devs like to hear! Thanks man!

This is great!

i really love its originality! keep up the good work

whileworking responds:

Thanks a bunch! I'll try my best :)

Nice one.

The concept is certainly something new - a perfectly easy game with appropriate levels of which I have to say that there are quite some hard ones.
The music wasn't annoying and overall fitted in conjecture with the voice. That would be my only point of critique: maybe add a mute button for either(like the "Suddenly..." and "Later..." got a bit annoying).
Nice use of a well known songphrase there. =D

whileworking responds:

Thanks a lot! Yeah, I thought about mute buttons but then decided to leave them out because the narration was too important ;)