Reviews for "The I of It"


Well so much for an ending, I do love this maze/puzzle type flash.
Honestly I think it's the first I've played this like this.

Very nice

The game was not hard at all. I died 3 or 4 times, but it was because of the start of the next level not knowing how to react in time.

All in all the game is nice and I hope to see another one, but with more harder levels. A variety of Letters to play with would be nice.

it was enjoyable.

i disliked the fact you had to keep moving with the I with no idea how to use its "powers", and the hot wire thing did not work when i got to the end. Otherwise this game is addicting but the music and sounds were annoying after a while.


the maze thing is almost impossible to solve i just keep dying!!!!!!!!


well, i almost gave up but i'm lucky enough. awesome game