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Reviews for "All Your Bass"

Damn that was messed up - "Bass" O.o

Espeically liked Dynamite Headdy at the end, and the bit from 'A Big Black Guy Called Bass' with Bass and Cutman. As usual, excellent quality, pretty funny and generally all good.


having seen a big black guy named bass, but not this, i thought "yknow, someone oughta make all your bass" then i found this.
<.> <.>

Another Classic By dragoonfenix15

That...was just plain hilarious

Good job

Liked the animation originality and effort to actually find out 'Bass's' name in Mega Man is pronounced "Base"

All your Bass are belong to us!

I have been watching this for a while now and I finally decided to make a review! I liked the election of the images, the only exception was with those weird Servbots (well, I only liked the one with the knifes). But I liked how you included parts of "A Big Black Guy named Bass" and "MegaMan goes to HELL". BUt the most hilarous one must have been the Big Mouth Billy Bass!

Where can I get the one of the class of 20XX?