Reviews for "All Your Bass"


funkey!keep up making flash like this bro!U ROK LIKE HELL

All ur Bass r belong to us.

lol Bass is not a fish. I love Bass he's my fav megamna character. or should i call him Forte? All your Forte are belong to us... It doesn't work as well.
(For those who don't know Forte is Bass' name in Japanese)


I'm a strong MegaMan fan and I say, I claim, I rumble the world with my voice while saying this: BASS I LOVE YAH !
VERY surprised that a guy take the AYB idea and put it on MegaMan theme.
In fact, I showed this to friends. Only thing they remembered, it was Bass+Fish=Lots of laughs (also known as the well-used "lol").
So, all my 5 are belong to this sumbission ^_^


everything was funny except for the rupee secret.. pretty dumb. but o well keep making stuff like this

It's just awsome!

Bass was always one of my favorite Mega Man characters. And seeing him in this parody was just fucking fantastic! This is one of my favorite AYB parodies now. It's just great! Thank you for making this flash!