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Reviews for "Winter Weary"

I think this is perfect as it is . For this type of music over-the top is not really good .

Runs were pretty cool as well . You did a good job at staying consistent with melody progression .

There seem to be a lot of melody brakedowns . I assume you actually played this on piano . Respect

I don't know why you keep getting 3 starts this is very good

Ketzelkab responds:

Thanks, that means a lot man.

Felt like the piano at the beginning could have been better.
Really like the melody though. It's a really pretty piece which very well varied
Though it's also a bit repetetive some times.

Sorry that I can't do a long and proper review, but I really liked this piece :).

4 stars.

RealFaction is right, it does seem like its missing something, but I like it. I might use it in my animated series.

Ketzelkab responds:

Thanks for the review! I'd be honored to have it used in some way, feel free to if you can make it work :D

It is by no means a bad piece and I like the atmosphere you've attempted to offer. It does however quite reflect your own description: it's nothing groundbreaking, and I might add that it had plenty of potential if you just pushed a little beyond that vision, perhaps by adding more variations and themes, more stories to tell. More chances for your instruments to breathe a life of their own. It is a simple piece, I advise you to keep this simplicity. But simplicity doesn't mean easy, nor poor of content. It means that you have a few elements that work in symbiosis to achieve complexity, and those elements serve the exact purpose of providing a wealth of possibilities in the realm of human inventive.

Not bad, though not great, I feel it missing something in the atmosphere. The melody is not bad, though it needs more to it. I feel the strings should be replaced as well as the guitar. The piano is alright though. I think it reflects the piece well, just needs a bit of work imo. Not bad though.

Ketzelkab responds:

I agree it is probably missing a certain "something". If I wanted to be all pretentious about it I'd say that I tried to utilize the absence to reflect the loneliness in the piece :P But yeah, I just haven't ever written anything like this, it's kind of experimental for me even though it's simple. Thanks for the review!