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Reviews for "Winter Weary"

The piano at the start is too bright for the rest of the ensemble. It's clashing in feel with the rest of the ensemble- consider a softer/lower dynamic. If you have a close-mic'd piano, try that.

This kinda makes me think of fall actually. A touch of melancholy, but still upbeat. Winter is much colder, more open. This has a great deal of warm mids, like autumn reds and oranges. If I were doing winter, it would be more ambient in nature and with few 3rds in chords- implying openness and emptiness, like winter. Emptiness =/= simplicity necessarily. Something can be empty but not simple.

Of course, one might say it all depends on how you look at winter... Maybe winter is a time of joy for you. However, the final determination is in the picture. Notice the cold blue tones, the rich purples, the way the nymph/niad is frozen in her pond. It's dark, mysterious, lonely. Not exactly time for hot chocolate and candy canes.

I really like the vibe of this piece, but it just doesn't quite fit the image I am seeing. Good composition as well, nice variation, nice motion, etc. Only the beginning really needs some tuning up. Think about how one would frame the image you chose. Is it surrounded by snow-filled clouds and snowflakes fluttering down? The beginning of your piece is the frame to the image- the establishing shot, if you will, telling us "this is winter, so I hope you brought a frelling coat!"

Keep Compos(ed/ing)!

My ratings:
Originality- 6/10
Relevance- 19/30
Composition- 18/25
Instrumentation- 8/15
Mastering- 5/10
Emotion/Interest- 6/10

Total: 62/100 (NG: 3 stars)

Felt like the piano at the beginning could have been better.
Really like the melody though. It's a really pretty piece which very well varied
Though it's also a bit repetetive some times.

Sorry that I can't do a long and proper review, but I really liked this piece :).

4 stars.

It is by no means a bad piece and I like the atmosphere you've attempted to offer. It does however quite reflect your own description: it's nothing groundbreaking, and I might add that it had plenty of potential if you just pushed a little beyond that vision, perhaps by adding more variations and themes, more stories to tell. More chances for your instruments to breathe a life of their own. It is a simple piece, I advise you to keep this simplicity. But simplicity doesn't mean easy, nor poor of content. It means that you have a few elements that work in symbiosis to achieve complexity, and those elements serve the exact purpose of providing a wealth of possibilities in the realm of human inventive.

I think this is perfect as it is . For this type of music over-the top is not really good .

Runs were pretty cool as well . You did a good job at staying consistent with melody progression .

There seem to be a lot of melody brakedowns . I assume you actually played this on piano . Respect

I don't know why you keep getting 3 starts this is very good

Ketzelkab responds:

Thanks, that means a lot man.

RealFaction is right, it does seem like its missing something, but I like it. I might use it in my animated series.

Ketzelkab responds:

Thanks for the review! I'd be honored to have it used in some way, feel free to if you can make it work :D