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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"

It's great, but

the guys sensitivity is way to high. Thanks to my slow-ass computer, the game glitched on me after my second try at it. Everything was gridded and looked like the VR training from Metal Gear Solid. I'm perfectly fine with that. I then noticed that around the two guys was a box (it probably was their damage thigy, I'm not a programmer so I don't know) that was wider than they were. Whenever a zombie or a dangerous thing touched the boxes, the guy would die. They die without even touching what kills them. Aside from that, the game is awesome.

very good game!!!

a nice cooperetive game!!!

ThomSip responds:

Glad you liked it :)


mmm how to said it?

the game its really nice and keep me busy for a couple of minutes, yeah some of the levels are like "trial / error" but like other users said: some of the traps and enemies have bigger hitboxes than their appear to be.

i was able to reach alone stage 11 but on this one its really a bit annoying because the short lenght i have for the tackler zombie, well another thing its some other people must have a 1 sec to remember where is the character to take the right control, not everyone have that skill to react quickly.

well you should put this game is highly recommended (but not strictly) to play 2 players. because 1 player others can get frustrated or annoyed cuz some levels required quick reflexes.

about game: music was ok, keep really in a good way the mood of the level. same with the tileset, i dont have complain since i guess its ok to keep the atmosphere, but would be better to have different tile set while we advance trought the levels sometimes i thought i was a bit away from the harder levels.

anyways keep up the good work. hope you can make this in some way to play "online" with other players.

ThomSip responds:

Thanks for the great feedback.

I'm afraid an online function isn't going to happen soo due to my programming abbilities. I'll be sure to take all your other suggestions into mind when developping "Zombie Crypt 2"

pretty good, could be better

I almost gave a 10, but it annoys me that the collisions are not correct. Fix them and it will be perfect. you are carefully approaching some spikes, and you suddenly die. not nice.
beside that very nice work.

ThomSip responds:

I know, I will definitely fix the collisions in the sequel


When I first played the game it reminded me of the "Fireboy & Watergirl" series ("The Forest Temple" and "The Light Temple"). Was Zombie Crypt somehow inspired by them? I won't consider it less original if it is, it's just curiosity.

I played and beat the game with a friend. We had a great time but here are some suggestions if you're going to make a sequel:

1) Show some instructions to introduce elements (if you play F&W you'll see
what I mean).

2) Fix the hitboxes (I could say it's the game's biggest flaw).

3) I think you should remove the gold pieces and make the levels more challenging so that the point isn't to pick up stuff and get to the exit, but to have fun playing through the levels.

4) Make more death animations: it's a bit weird that everything explodes regardless on how it dies.

5) What every sequel must have: more elements, levels and stuff.

Some things you SOULDN'T do in the sequel:

A) Checkpoints: the levels are short enough. If you lose, in less than 5 minutes you'll be where you died the previous time.

B) Create a story: these kind of games aren't supposed to have a deep story, they're just supposed to be fun to play. You can create a story about 2 friends who have fun killing zombies in caves if you want to, but then you'll have to explain why there are levers, button and circular saw blades everywhere.

C) Change the graphics: GO RETRO!

Hope this helps you to make a Zombie Crypt 2. Keep up the good work!