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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"

Great idea

I love the concept even though I didn't have anyone to play with right now, I can imagine how good this is in co-op. However I enjoyed it too much despite playing alone xD. Good job on keeping the difficulty on high level, it makes the game more challenging but in my opinion the hitbox should be smaller.

I believe developers don't usually make (same keyboard) co-op games because of the risk of getting low ratings from people that don't have someone to play with even if the game rocks. So grats on taking that risk and making a nice game.

ThomSip responds:

Thanks you very much sir.

However the game was meant to be played by one person ;)

good work

great game, I would love save points on the harder stages.

It's great, but

the guys sensitivity is way to high. Thanks to my slow-ass computer, the game glitched on me after my second try at it. Everything was gridded and looked like the VR training from Metal Gear Solid. I'm perfectly fine with that. I then noticed that around the two guys was a box (it probably was their damage thigy, I'm not a programmer so I don't know) that was wider than they were. Whenever a zombie or a dangerous thing touched the boxes, the guy would die. They die without even touching what kills them. Aside from that, the game is awesome.


It's fun. I enjoyed it.

Wow, captivating gameplay.

Works fantastic with 2 people, but still manageable with 1. The elaborate use of WASD & Arrow Keys way a great choice, as players use them often. The result makes multitasking relatively easy and very natural feeling. Great job on this, although the hit boxes were a little screwy, but other than that, great job on this, felt like it brought a new concept to the table.

Overall 9/10, 5/5. ~WCCC