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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"

A 10 for you!

It i'snt a review, it's just to reduce the damage of the seadog1 mistake '-'

I will call a friend to play with him xD, it don't really need to be 2 players, but i think this way should be more cool ^^"

ThomSip responds:

thank you kindly :)

just black screen

i cant pass that.i will rate 10/10 just if you help me.

ThomSip responds:

Hmmm, your the second person who says that, do you have the latest flash player installed? and what browser are you using?

This game is very underated.

Great game, with fun team work.
I have a suggestion: a stage editor!

Wait, it's a 2P game?

Oh wow, I fail at paying attention. I was playing all by myself, and got to level 4 before I quit. Then, reading the freaking comments, I realize it's supposed to be a 2 player game.

Good job, by the way, on the great game. Simple concept, great music and SFX, and easy-to-understand rules made for a very nice game.


good old 2d games :D Reminds me of much simpler times :P
either than that good job dude i liked it!