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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"

great game

I like the idea of two guys working together to destroy zombies. The music helps set the "Crypt" mood. 10/10, 5/5 good work

ThomSip responds:

I spend HOOOUUURS finding a good tune for this game. Glad you like it :)



everything has been done before. but the level design was excellent.

i don't know why people are crying about not having a partner to play with... i breezed through the entire game by myself.

ThomSip responds:

Hardcore gamer ;)


Just cause the intro almost sounded like Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

ThomSip responds:

that voice is Seymour, there's a link to his page in the credits of my last game ;)

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FUCK that was a pain in the ass. do you have any idea how many times you bastards almost owed me a new keyboard?!?!

Interesting and Unique

This game is my favorite two player flash games out there because instead of versing each other you work together which is an interesting concept that seems lost in many of todays flash games. All i can say is that this game would have been alot more fun if I actually had friends.lol