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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"


The games pretty interesting, but gets difficult around level 3. kindof confusing also.

good try

i hope u don't delete my comment simply because of a bad review...but personally this game just wasn't entertaining to me...the collision boxes were horrible and the repition became stale quickly...the co-op was the best idea though...i think u could do great things with that if u make another game like this....i played the game alone and enjoyed trying to maneuver both characters simultaneously...but unfortunately that wasn't enough for me...great effort though


Fix the crash detection. It's extremely frustrating.

ThomSip responds:

First time ever I used flixel and flashdevelop, rookie mistake :$


you have done an amazing job, the collours are good, the detailes are outstanding
the shading is very well done, aswell as the texture
and its an overall masterpiece.
you have a lot of talent.
sorry for my bad english

ThomSip responds:

Thanks for the review, next time please don't give it 1 star if you like it :P

Black Screen

The game is just a black screen for me. I have the latest flash player installed and I am running it on IE.

ThomSip responds:

Rule no 1, never use IE......

thanks for letting me know anyways.