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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"

Good idea, but ruined by design mistake

Idea is lovely, realization is also well done, overally it's an interesting game, worth probably 9/10.
Then why is it so boring? Because every time I lose I have to do exact same thing, mainly trivial until I can get to the point that is hard. Maybe its just me being lame, but I'm at 4th stage, I've lost few times and now I just don't give a damn.
I may try many times to overcome a hurdle, but not if that means I have to repeat first part of the stage every time.
If you just put there such option, that after you lose, you can rewind time by 5 seconds and start from there it would be great.

ThomSip responds:

I was thinking about checkpoints :)

thanks for your review,


Like it

I like it but its Mario..... i know thats what you were most likely going for, but its really too similar. Red and Green, moving about levels needing to use both characters and avoiding foes. But it still is a good game.


Nice little concept for a game, good infuriating fun that keeps you comin back for more :) well done not a bad effort at all!


The controls weren't as confusing as i thought they would be, but the hitboxes (if that's the correct term) for the traps and zombies was a bit too much, you only had to get NEAR something and suddenly you'd die.
Good game, and could be better with abit more work

ThomSip responds:

Heard this from many other people, I'll be sure too make the hitboxes smaller in the sequel.


looks like clipping problumes

OK I like your game dude but there is a problem with clipping wherein half the screen isn't visible part of the time, I spotted this in several places if you could clean that up and maybe add some more background noises i think that that be cool