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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"

Real fun

This is one of the few 2 player games on the internet, and it is very fun. The pixelly graphics are cool in my opinion, but the game was a bit annoying to play alone. It was meant as a 2 player game though so I won't count that as a bad thing in the game. I had a few graphical glitches (like what other people have said) but overall it was entertaining.

ThomSip responds:

Glad you liked it :)

Almost Amazing...Just one problem....

The only problem with the game is that you proceed very slow and there are no checkpoints...i got annoyed when loosing at the very end of a puzzle because of a small mistake and had to start over...

After awhile it gets annoying and i wasnt in the mood to finish the game anymore...Great game tough...

ThomSip responds:

I know, I've already decided I'm going to put some sort of checkpoints in the levels.

Glad you still liked it :)


it's a fun neat game! we defintely need more 2 player games on Newgrounds :)
music is cool too, maybe make it more clear with the controls maybe. and alot of games are doing th retro look, maybe try something different? it still looks good as it is.

good but too unforgiving

Everything about this is fantastic, except how incredibly unforgiving it can be at times. You really need perfect timing and precise movements sometimes. sometimes it makes your victories taste even sweeter, but often it just feels like the game is screwing you over.

It's a really great game, but...

I really like this game, it is original and challenging. However, it is very hard to control two people with the controls. But It is still a very fun game, good job