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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"

Interesting Concept but falls a little short.

The game has an interesting premise, controlling two characters simultaneously in order to complete a series of puzzles. On the positive side the game has a nice arcade feel, reminiscent of very early arcade titles; in addition the idea of forcing players to control two characters simultaneously was a refreshing challenge and makes coordinating otherwise simple puzzles a bit more difficult. The control is the games biggest selling point: forcing the player to use both right and left hands (and thus right and left hemispheres of the brain) in a effort to navigate the traps and achieve a high score adds an unexpected level of challenge that makes this title stand out from others.

However the game does bring its fair share of faults, as others have mentioned there were some collision problems, but the game's premise of two characters simultaneously, while it is the game's greatest strength it is also the greatest weakness. While not standard, when using two hands I would have appreciated the ability to map the controls to other keys, that way players could keep both hands on the same row of keys to make ambidextrous controls more fluid. I feel that this game would benefit greatly by allowing nonstandard control options.

Overall this is a great game in theory, but falls somewhat short in execution; lacking an certain polish that would have made this game into something great. Excellent effort and I look forward to seeing how the premise is expanded on and polished in future releases.

ThomSip responds:

Thanks for the great review :)

I know I didn't do an excellent job with the polishing of this game, this is because I put myself on a really tight deadline. I'de be sure to put some extra time in polishing the sequel .


Just cause the intro almost sounded like Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

ThomSip responds:

that voice is Seymour, there's a link to his page in the credits of my last game ;)

Excellent Game.

This is a great game. It tests dexterity, speed & coordination. It is frustrating at the beginning because of the minute scale, but that is part of the game's arcade feel, and players should really get over the collision factor, which is a +/- part of every game.

People who just play to win can just learn a few tricks and laze out for most games, but this game requires patience to get the right combinations for victory with both hands. Now, I haven't seen a game that held both hands rather equally and separately before, almost like a sport.

I would note one thing for the tenth point--it's conditional, because of the fact that there is no story or victory scene for people to feel accomplishment over. I suppose minor things like a victory scene, graphic, or dialog would make players a bit more happy to keep playing the game, and convince that the game deserves more 4's and 5's. Despite being the simple arcade, it has a really remarkably promising interface and level structure.

Thanks for uploading.

ThomSip responds:

Thanks for the great review :),

I put myself on a really strict deadline for this game, I'll make sure I do a better job with the finishing touches in the sequel.

and thanks for playing :)


Fix the crash detection. It's extremely frustrating.

ThomSip responds:

First time ever I used flixel and flashdevelop, rookie mistake :$


Would be a nice little game, but the poor collision detection totally spoils it.

Also... No save/continue feature?! *facepalm*

ThomSip responds:

save/continue might come in the next one, but maybe just checkpoints or something.

And yeh, the collisions suck *shame*