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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"


it's a fun neat game! we defintely need more 2 player games on Newgrounds :)
music is cool too, maybe make it more clear with the controls maybe. and alot of games are doing th retro look, maybe try something different? it still looks good as it is.

Go Team, Go!

I REALLY liked controlling two characters at the same time. I wouldn't say it's an "original" idea, but it was very refreshing and very fun. I admit I had a tough time passing a few levels, even after I knew how to solve the puzzle. A part of me wishes there was some sort of "checkpoint" type system for a few of these levels. But, I honestly think that may take away from the game. As others have said, the minor issue of collision detection, and introducing the elements a bit would be nice. But overall I really enjoyed it.

Perhaps with a sequel, get into a story. Who are these characters? Why Are they here? What's their goal? Etc. I think you have yourself a winner here!

ThomSip responds:

thanks for the tip :)

I'll see what I can do


It's refreshing to jump into a game with a steeper learning curve -- in the tradition of true retro platformers. Great music and love the two-handed concept!

Very cool game

I really liked the idea, it is definitely fun controlling two characters, although my brain quite often tries to control the character on the left of of the screen with my left hand and vice versa!

I always liked controlling two characters at once, I remember attempting a few shoot 'em up games like that, very fun and is a little badass too :P

Two things:
Difficulty curve was kinda whack XD But I suppose with this kind of game it would be really hard to get the curve correct. You should probably take a leaf from Portal 1 and 2's book, they introduce the player to elements one at a time and then mix them up, but in this game some levels that had unique-ish elements were just thrown in there.
And the second thing: Where was down advertised as the switch button? Lol. Took me ages to get past the first level because I didn't know the diagonal thing with the red end was a switch, I thought it was a bloodied spike, and I didn't know down switched switches.

ThomSip responds:

thanks for the review,

about the levers, I thought it was obvious but apperently a lot of people didn't think so :P in the sequel I will let some texts appear in the first level, explaining the game a little more.

thanks for playing :)

nice game. teamwork is definitely my thing

just one thing i've noticed:

two zombies on stage 8 wont move when I approach them. I admit, it could just mean I didn't take the time to experiment enough and figure out the puzzle since I had to leave, but it seems more like a bug to me

ThomSip responds:

haha, those zombies aren't supose to move because having them move would ruin the puzzle.

Click the "Need Help?" button to see find videos from every stage on what to do ;)