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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"

good work

great game, I would love save points on the harder stages.

Like it

I like it but its Mario..... i know thats what you were most likely going for, but its really too similar. Red and Green, moving about levels needing to use both characters and avoiding foes. But it still is a good game.

Tough, some glitches

I enjoy the challenge of the game, but some levels require maddeningly precise motions.

Mostly I wanted to point out that if I mute the game and then press R to restart the level (probably because I died for the 30 thousandth time), the sound comes back. So if I want it to stay quiet, I have to press M again immediately after pressing R.


The games pretty interesting, but gets difficult around level 3. kindof confusing also.

pissing me off a bit

itd be good if i could actually get past level 1. After the spikes the trampoline under the spiky wheel doesnt work -.- i made it work once on accident and then i read the instructions were to press s if ur the green guy and down if ur the red guy but nothing happened so im pretty frustrated

ThomSip responds:

press down with the red guy or S with the green guy to switch the lever, and launch the other guy.

I'll be sure to add better instructions in the sequel.