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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"


It's fun. I enjoyed it.

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FUCK that was a pain in the ass. do you have any idea how many times you bastards almost owed me a new keyboard?!?!

It's great, but

the guys sensitivity is way to high. Thanks to my slow-ass computer, the game glitched on me after my second try at it. Everything was gridded and looked like the VR training from Metal Gear Solid. I'm perfectly fine with that. I then noticed that around the two guys was a box (it probably was their damage thigy, I'm not a programmer so I don't know) that was wider than they were. Whenever a zombie or a dangerous thing touched the boxes, the guy would die. They die without even touching what kills them. Aside from that, the game is awesome.

This game is very underated.

Great game, with fun team work.
I have a suggestion: a stage editor!

good but too unforgiving

Everything about this is fantastic, except how incredibly unforgiving it can be at times. You really need perfect timing and precise movements sometimes. sometimes it makes your victories taste even sweeter, but often it just feels like the game is screwing you over.