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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"

Great game.

The controlling was good and the way you had to use your brain to figure out how to pass each level was great.
The only problem I had was that lvl. 11 was much harder than lvl. 12 (at least, in my opinion.)
Other than that, it was good!

Nicely done

Rather addictive actually :P

Wait, it's a 2P game?

Oh wow, I fail at paying attention. I was playing all by myself, and got to level 4 before I quit. Then, reading the freaking comments, I realize it's supposed to be a 2 player game.

Good job, by the way, on the great game. Simple concept, great music and SFX, and easy-to-understand rules made for a very nice game.

Interesting and Unique

This game is my favorite two player flash games out there because instead of versing each other you work together which is an interesting concept that seems lost in many of todays flash games. All i can say is that this game would have been alot more fun if I actually had friends.lol


Great game! I need more levels, more difficult levels.