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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"

It's a really great game, but...

I really like this game, it is original and challenging. However, it is very hard to control two people with the controls. But It is still a very fun game, good job

Wow, captivating gameplay.

Works fantastic with 2 people, but still manageable with 1. The elaborate use of WASD & Arrow Keys way a great choice, as players use them often. The result makes multitasking relatively easy and very natural feeling. Great job on this, although the hit boxes were a little screwy, but other than that, great job on this, felt like it brought a new concept to the table.

Overall 9/10, 5/5. ~WCCC

Fun puzzle.

After a while it gets difficult trying to control both characters. Left brain Right brain. *fart*

Great Job, keep up the good work. 4/5

This is my review

I give it 8 stars out of 10. Not great.
I was done with this game as soon as I died, so then I came down here and wrote my review.

Are these people fucking serious?

Yeah it was fun and entertaining and its actually a blast to play on your own because its adds another level of entertainment to it but dude what the fuck is up with the hit boxes? So you can run behind the spikes when they are up? How does that make any sense. I jumped over the end of some spikes at one point and while I was still clearly a full character above them I got hit and killed. Its a decent action puzzle game at best. You should make more areas where its all about timing and if you fuck up you get trapped and have to start over or watch your character die... as long as the hitboxes are fixed.

2/5 5/10