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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"

boring and quite repetitive

I would have preferred an ability to change the person you are playing as or at least make it one player. i will admit it was very difficult but i was still able to get threw it. Again im guessing this is going to be considered useless and i couldent care less because i could always create a new one so have fun rating this bad

looks like clipping problumes

OK I like your game dude but there is a problem with clipping wherein half the screen isn't visible part of the time, I spotted this in several places if you could clean that up and maybe add some more background noises i think that that be cool

very inventive

phenomenal concept. multitasking at its best. it requires some forethought and some quick thinking if you walk into something you didn't foresee. I'm a very big fan of the layout, the level design, the puzzle economy, the dynamics of character/environment interface. the zombie carrot-on-a-stick pressure moments... really well formulated.


Really fun and cool especially if you want to play 2 player!!


good old 2d games :D Reminds me of much simpler times :P
either than that good job dude i liked it!