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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"


you have done an amazing job, the collours are good, the detailes are outstanding
the shading is very well done, aswell as the texture
and its an overall masterpiece.
you have a lot of talent.
sorry for my bad english

ThomSip responds:

Thanks for the review, next time please don't give it 1 star if you like it :P

Real fun

This is one of the few 2 player games on the internet, and it is very fun. The pixelly graphics are cool in my opinion, but the game was a bit annoying to play alone. It was meant as a 2 player game though so I won't count that as a bad thing in the game. I had a few graphical glitches (like what other people have said) but overall it was entertaining.

ThomSip responds:

Glad you liked it :)

mmm how to said it?

the game its really nice and keep me busy for a couple of minutes, yeah some of the levels are like "trial / error" but like other users said: some of the traps and enemies have bigger hitboxes than their appear to be.

i was able to reach alone stage 11 but on this one its really a bit annoying because the short lenght i have for the tackler zombie, well another thing its some other people must have a 1 sec to remember where is the character to take the right control, not everyone have that skill to react quickly.

well you should put this game is highly recommended (but not strictly) to play 2 players. because 1 player others can get frustrated or annoyed cuz some levels required quick reflexes.

about game: music was ok, keep really in a good way the mood of the level. same with the tileset, i dont have complain since i guess its ok to keep the atmosphere, but would be better to have different tile set while we advance trought the levels sometimes i thought i was a bit away from the harder levels.

anyways keep up the good work. hope you can make this in some way to play "online" with other players.

ThomSip responds:

Thanks for the great feedback.

I'm afraid an online function isn't going to happen soo due to my programming abbilities. I'll be sure to take all your other suggestions into mind when developping "Zombie Crypt 2"

Pretty good and Pretty challenging

This is great. Strongly recommended for 2 people. and this zombie game is all pixelated, which is cool, due to the fact, its like I'm playing an arcade game! 10/10 :)

ThomSip responds:

Glad you liked it man :)



The controls weren't as confusing as i thought they would be, but the hitboxes (if that's the correct term) for the traps and zombies was a bit too much, you only had to get NEAR something and suddenly you'd die.
Good game, and could be better with abit more work

ThomSip responds:

Heard this from many other people, I'll be sure too make the hitboxes smaller in the sequel.