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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"

Good idea, but ruined by design mistake

Idea is lovely, realization is also well done, overally it's an interesting game, worth probably 9/10.
Then why is it so boring? Because every time I lose I have to do exact same thing, mainly trivial until I can get to the point that is hard. Maybe its just me being lame, but I'm at 4th stage, I've lost few times and now I just don't give a damn.
I may try many times to overcome a hurdle, but not if that means I have to repeat first part of the stage every time.
If you just put there such option, that after you lose, you can rewind time by 5 seconds and start from there it would be great.

ThomSip responds:

I was thinking about checkpoints :)

thanks for your review,


absolubtely awesome :)

it´s a very co-op game, uno of the most interestings to i see :) good work

ThomSip responds:

thanks you :)


this is an uber game i really like it. i only got past a few levels cause my attention span for today was shot. so i say to you good job i give you ten even though the music was a little dull. i would have liked creepy music at times like when the zombies came after you or something. the puzzle solving in it was good but i didnt really see the point of adding the collectable diamonds. it would be a little more appealing if they were something other than diamonds. my hat goes off to you you did a great job and i really enjoyed this game.

ThomSip responds:

Great too hear,

I will certainly look at your suggestions when creating the sequel.

just black screen

i cant pass that.i will rate 10/10 just if you help me.

ThomSip responds:

Hmmm, your the second person who says that, do you have the latest flash player installed? and what browser are you using?

great game

however, i think some people will miss that S, triggers those leavers- i think thats why the score is lower than i thought it would be.

So make the lever graphics more obvious, and write a hint on the wall or something on level 1.