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Reviews for "Zombie Crypt"

Yes, yes, and yes.

Well played sir, that game was beast.

ThomSip responds:

thank you :)


everything has been done before. but the level design was excellent.

i don't know why people are crying about not having a partner to play with... i breezed through the entire game by myself.

ThomSip responds:

Hardcore gamer ;)

Great idea

I love the concept even though I didn't have anyone to play with right now, I can imagine how good this is in co-op. However I enjoyed it too much despite playing alone xD. Good job on keeping the difficulty on high level, it makes the game more challenging but in my opinion the hitbox should be smaller.

I believe developers don't usually make (same keyboard) co-op games because of the risk of getting low ratings from people that don't have someone to play with even if the game rocks. So grats on taking that risk and making a nice game.

ThomSip responds:

Thanks you very much sir.

However the game was meant to be played by one person ;)

pretty good, could be better

I almost gave a 10, but it annoys me that the collisions are not correct. Fix them and it will be perfect. you are carefully approaching some spikes, and you suddenly die. not nice.
beside that very nice work.

ThomSip responds:

I know, I will definitely fix the collisions in the sequel

Black Screen

The game is just a black screen for me. I have the latest flash player installed and I am running it on IE.

ThomSip responds:

Rule no 1, never use IE......

thanks for letting me know anyways.