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Reviews for "Battle for Wayland Keep"

God work Jazza

I think how you make these flashs good and do not work to a great company

well anyway Good Work man


I just love the Plot. Just a Big Game. Wow..I didn't exspect so much from it!

Ecxelent Game. The Foe's are to easy to beat, but still the survive mode could be a challenge.

Hmm...waiting for more from you guys :3

Amazing. This masterpiece really stunned me.

This is a work of art. The high quality images, mesmerizing sound, the addicting gameplay all make up this legend of a game. All the graphics are done brilliantly, from slashing swords to stabbing spears, from sprinting leopards to raining arrows. I especially liked the bright shockwaves of energy when special powers were activated, as well as all the movements in the screen at one time. My computer is fast, so I really had no problem with this game.
Not only is the gameplay simply awesome, the storyline tells a well-weaved story of the escaping slaves and the construction of Candor. This really appealed to me, as well as all the characters having very unique and distinct personalities, especially Elvina and Denny. The voices were, um, well-voiced and each voice has a very crisp and clear tone. The Captain sounds rather grim, the Lookout man sounds bored etc. They were all extremely well done.
The only bad point is the controls. I do realize that you can pause and issue commands, but in such intense fighting a point and click control scheme isn't really the most effective way of moving but when you consider all the other awesome features of the game, it's pretty hard to notice a flaw as insignificant as this one.

Overall Score:
Gameplay: Most important part here, simply intense, addictive and well-crafted. This is one hell of a serious awesome game. The swords are slashing, the arrows are raining and gore is being thrown about among magic spells. Although the mouse control is an adjustable flaw, this is an amazing game. 10/10
Graphics: Spot on. Every small detail was covered, the action was clearly visible and the magic effects can rival some professional game-makers now. Great work! 10/10
Sound: Amazing voice acting, shouts and magic spell sound effects. All the voices captured me in the game, and I really felt like a hero protecting Candor. 10/10
Storyline: Mesmerizing, touching, stunning and flawless. This could be somewhat a novel or something. Really, this was awesome. 10/10

A well-crafted, magnificent masterpiece with almost no flaws. This will be a Newgrounds legend.
10/10 5/5


played this while listening to nyan cat i approve

This game is LARGE in size

This phrase adequately describes this mammoth of a game! There's so much good here for any RPG player.

+Lots of Spells
+Giant Hordes
+Great Story
+Compelling Main Character

-Too Good? (:
-Little to Upgrade

Solid character-to-character dialogue, good voice acting (when the characters do talk), and a decent story being told at the helm. There were only a few minutes of slow down when I was about to fight a bigger horde of enemies. This game is challenging but not impossible. My only minor complaint was that the upgrades seemed a little too basic (literally only Armor/Weapon and Fort Strength). Otherwise this is almost a full-fledged PC game hiding under a flash game.