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Reviews for "Battle for Wayland Keep"


Great game! unputdownable! great art, wicked sound and talented authors


Age of Empires gameplay eh? WHY CANT I SEE MY SHIELD LMAO

good game

deinetly challengeing but perfect way to go

Works fine for someone on an office computer!

Hey man, great job with this title. Unlike Mr. Ninjabanana007 down there, I can play it just fine, and I've played it on three on-campus computers...they've all played fine.

Anyway, my ONLY complaint is that playing on different computers, I have to restart every time. Is there a way for Ortus you could make it based on username? (I don't know how the coding works, so this may not even be possible.

I played this around some of my friends, and they've commented on how well put together the music is (we're all music majors). The gameplay and challenge keeps me coming back (that's why I keep re-playing it). Haven't figured out a strategy for the Lord of War yet, so I haven't played survival mode.

Greatly Anticipating Ortus!


but difficult xD