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Reviews for "Battle for Wayland Keep"


what the


good fun, bit processor heavy, be good to have option to lower the quality. nice artwork.

in game dialogue seems a bit pointless though, except fot the smith and carpenter. having said that though, its good to see a developer pt a bit of effort in around the action to felsh it out like..

overall pretty good, entertaining.


idk i have a pretty fast comp that doesnt lagon to many games but this one was just hell on it. im not tryin to talk the game down it was pretty badass as a matter of fact.from what i got to play id say its well designed,and put together quite nice. my only suggestion is maybe a quality toggle of some sort.


I tought it was easy, but meh that's me
cool powers, but the game needs more shops/more upgrades for weapons. And a class specialisation would be nice.
Also some romance, depending on your dialogues you can make a girl fall for you.
I loved the game as a whole, looking forward to your next game.

i'm weak

hard but fun, need more mode