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Reviews for "Battle for Wayland Keep"


Ortus reminds me of torchlight


I love this game kinda unbalanced with some enemies and powers though.

Holy sh!t

Easily the best game on newgrounds. The battles are exciting, quick paced, the nights at the camp add the music is great.

It is indeed a great game, which makes you wonder how come it wasn't voted as the best of May.


this game was wonderfull. the action was tense and gritty, a little gory but im ok with that. The story that evolved through the conversations made me feel really atached to the charecters and i loved seeing them evolve overtime. i was genually sad when i was told of the deaths and was angry at an army that wasnt real for killing them, if i had to change anything about this game it would be one of the most basic units, the title. I think the add on bit of a prelude to ortus feels tacked on. like you came up with this great name and then with a sticky note atached the next bit. Dont get me wrong i loved this game and i cant wait to play the sequal but saying this games is a prelude didnt seam right. overall 10/10 great job, hope your next game is just as good.

Jazza responds:

while i vigorously accept the compliment, If you knew what 'Ortus' is you'd understand why we call BWK a prelude. We made BWK in 3 weeks from the back end tool's we've build for Ortus, to demonstrate a small portion of the games engine and early story setting. I'm honored you think of it so highly and grateful, but BWK is indeed a prelude, a VERY small introduction to the story and world and mechanics of Ortus which will be MUCH more vast and wonderful :)

Good game

the game is very good didnt see anything wrong with it besides the fact i had some problem with clicking on the mobs but thats just me being stupid;) In the end the game was well done