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Reviews for "Battle for Wayland Keep"

Not too bad

This game hasn't lagged much at all on my system. The gameplay is smooth, graphics are pretty good. Honestly, I didn't pay much attention to the storyline, but I like the play. It's a little typical of this type of game, but still good.

I do agree with the other comments though that there really should be a little more SOMETHING with the allies.

@ tito305: "can of gay" Hahaha!

@ PoundDotBlam: Maybe you need a faster connection.

Awesome! But kinda laggy

The story is great and the powers are cool but the ending levels are very laggy.


the game wasn't bad, it had a good level of difficulty to it and the different abilities were cool. but in all honestly the only thing i really looked forward to at the end of the mission was getting to find out more with the love affair with elvina.

it is a great game

but i dont like how the "archers on the wall" dont seem to do anything other than the hero power. i feel as though if they actually were up there killing the empire id feel better about leaving the gate to go get those pesky catapults. you see all these people in the camp at night that are saying that they will be watching from the walls, yet i never see it happening.
im also kind of bothered that im the only one actually outside the keep. i understand the reason for it as our character is "god-like" and they dont want any casualties, but when im getting hints that say "you can give commands while paused" i expected to be able to control units.
on that note, the "commands" are still just special hero powers. minus the barrage. again i feel as if there were actual units to command then it would be a different story.
also, when against the reaper and the lord of war, i cant use the obliterate power. i figured that if it murders the minor unit, then it would do significant damage to the more powerful units, as in the lord of war and the seige machines. i also have yet to find the need to obliterate a minor unit as they go down easy enough without it.
i do understand that this is just a small preview of Ortus and took that into account as there might be units to command if the game play remains the same in the rating.

Loved It!

Can't wait for Ortus and to see where the story goes. Great jod keep up the good work.