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Reviews for "Battle for Wayland Keep"

a litel thing :D

this game is lagy if you ghot an old pc.. on may dell its works perfect :D like the story line and the gamplay :D

whe love you jazz never dye :D

ooo and how about you make game whit zombis ?

It might just be my Comp

But this game is laggy as shit.. beyond that, i like it, it's good, i like the gameplay.. not a fan of the storyline.. but meh *shrugs*

Unplayable. Really. I mean it.

This is the first game on the whole site of newgrounds, that i am not able to play. Ever. The loading bar just stops about 1 sec after it begins to load and then nothing will happen for over an hour. I tried reloading the page several times ( 6 times) and I even rebooted my computer, and tried again, but same happens.
Usually I love playing games by JAZZA and co. and the story (at the beginning) seemed nice so far, thats why i will not give "no stars".
Please try to fix this, if it even is a bug or something. If not, then I am truly sorry and please tell me what I do wrong.

Awsome RPG.

Ich hat für esrtmal ein gut RPG gesehen.

To lagy...

Sorry mate, but it's too lagy. I can't play.